Who am I?

My name is D’Ipolito, and I’m a developer. I enjoy programming and have experience working with some e-commerce platforms and web applications. I began my profissional experience in 2021, initially focusing on PHP and creating cool themes for WordPress and other platforms using Twig.


I like Linux and I “distro hop” a lot. Over the years, I’ve experimented with numerous distributions, including Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Mint Cinnamon, Pop!_OS, Manjaro KDE, Arch Linux (BTW) with various window managers such as i3, BSPWM, and AwesomeWM, Arco Linux with AwesomeWM, Archcraft with Openbox, and more.

My fascination with Linux started in 2018 when I began using it as daily driver because my computer had only 3GB of RAM.

Now I have a xeon with 16gb ram, survivor of minerations in china. Sadly he can’t run his ram at full speed anymore. But he keeps fighting and running my development servers and anime.

Why I created this webstie

I saw some personal sites in neocities and I thought It was cool, so I also wanted to have my little customized piece of the internet. Besides that, they say

If you want to learn something, teach it

- Richard Feynman

So I think documenting things I study can be good.