Animes, stupid and cool

Ragna crimson, reached Its season end yesterday. And I really liked that anime; It’s a shounen mostly like any other shounen. Maybe a little darker, the main protagonist fights against foes and somehow will win, as always, we wouldn’t have a next episode If he dies

Those “dark shounen” get really dangerous for the main protagonists at the end of the season. So you never know what is really going to happen. The best example that I would have is Akame ga kill, Evangelion and the platinum end. I really wasn’t expecting those endings.

Why is it stupid?

There has been a trend of overpowered main protagonists and isekai over the years. The basic idea is that you are gonna have an extremely strong main protagonist at some point.

I like many of those animes like saihate no paladin and tensei shitara. But more often than not, It’s simply very straightforward to be super powerful and then putting even more powerful foes against the main character, and the cycle repeats.

Ragna Crimson - fire dragon vs silverine

Ragna Crimson follows the straightforward formula and the main character inherits the power of his future self so he can protect the present and hunt the dragons that are against humanity.

It would be strange to complain about having too much shounen in a shounen anime. Or having too much romance in a romance movie, this kind of thing is expected, what would be possible to complain is how you implement this. How you make the main character win or lose something, and many times It feels lazy, like yeah, It had to happen viewer, because yes.

Close to the end of this season, the main character was fighting against the lightning dragon which was very fast. And seems like there are 2 ways to win a fight in anime, friendship power, hate power, or both. Ragna (the main character) stays in the between with a bit of both.

Does it even matter?

If you didn’t watch Ragna Crimson, it may be a spoiler for you but the main character had his head ripped off in the fight against the dragon.

Ragna Crimson - ragna lose his head

I was really surprised, there was only 1 episode left so I think It was really possible to happen. But this guy just proceeded to put his head back in the place and hunt the dragon.

Ragna Crimson - ragna puts his head back

That was nonsense, but in the moment It was so cool. And I think It’s about It, I like watching things that seem cool, even if it is not that deep or sometimes feels lazy/generic. Watching the main character gain new powers and face new foes is similar to the feeling of progression in an mmorpg, in games it is the same thing you grind until your virtual weapon reaches next level, be it TET or PEN or +infinite numbers and then you farm new more powerful and cooler foes to reach ++infinite. Even League of Legends is the same thing, you progress through ranks, your border gets nicer and your enemies harder. Progression is enjoyable.

It may be bad for you, both games and those animes give you some feeling of progression with the main character or virtual account. It’s not hard to use It as a cope for not progressing in things that are important to you, may It be school, gym, or anything. As long as you are doing what you think you should be doing, I don’t think there is a problem with you enjoying things, may you rationalize them as stupid or not because everthing needs to be deep or essential for life.


So, what do you think?

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